Searching Privately

by: Nathan Katz

Is searching privately important to you? Do you have "Surveillance Concerns" or care that personal information including your private thoughts are shared.

Do you know that every time you run a search with one of the big guys,
personal information is collected.

Major search engines capture and record your IP address and place tracking cookies on your computer. This process is used to record the time of your search, the terms of your search and the links you choose from the search results. All of this information is placed and stored into the largest database ever conceived by man.

The data collected reveal an outrageous amount of personal information about you. Such things as your reading, clothing, food preferences, or any other special interests, family situations, political tendency, or even medical conditions can all be collected and recorded.

This information is extremely valuable to advertisers and marketing experts whom would pay big money to get their hands on this data. Do you think hackers or criminals would be interested in obtaining any of this data? Do you suppose any part of our government would be interested? Are you kidding, big brother is here!

Whether you know it or not "Tracking Cookies" are a huge privacy problem. Say for example that you run a search for "high blood pressure," just looking for information and doing a little research. That search relating to "high blood pressure" is now part of your consumer profile. Suppose you subsequently apply for a life insurance policy. Do you believe that the insurance company would have access to your consumer profile and perhaps use information obtained against you?

If you are like me and find these intrusions troubling or invasive, follow my lead. Terminate those big search guys and replace them with a private search engine that is proud of their service and decree not to invade or collect any private information.

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