Pro Israel Celebrities

I suspect that there are many pro-Israel celebrities that are afraid to come out of the closet. The liberal Hollywood group, especially those in charge of hiring and firing have a way of putting a lid on outspoken favoritism. Unless of course it’s in their favor. Listed below are a few famous celebrities that are not afraid to speak their mind.

Howard Stern is a strong supporter of Israel. Last summer he took to his radio show to voice his opinion when a conflict between Israel and Palestine took place in 2014. At that time, he did a rant which ended up going viral. It consisted of Stern talking about how Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. He also said that Israel is the closest ally and closest friend of America. The rant occurred after a caller on Stern’s show said that Israel was the one to blame for the crisis. Stern’s rant even included an attack on Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd, and he said that Waters should keep his mouth shut.

If you are familiar with Bill Maher, you may be surprised to learn that he too didn’t hold back regarding the tension between Israel and Palestine. He asked if people expected Israel to not retaliate against Palestine sending rockets into Israel. Here you can see him in full action.

Jon Voight has supported Israel for many years. He often speaks out to the American people and try to persuade them to his views. Here he is with a message to Israel

I for one cannot understand the thinking of the left side of this issue. Perhaps taking this simple test would put all the facts in front of emotion. I took the test and passed with flying colors.