The Meaning and Power of Reform

What does reform mean, exactly? It’s one of those words you hear all the time, but nobody ever stops to ask what it means or what it includes.

A quick check at tells me that reform means improvement or change for the better. It’s a matter of positive intention, and it could include a wide variety of definitions to get there. For example, fixing mistakes, massive restructuring, simple fine-tuning, or the outright abolishing of outdated laws and practices. It could also mean an individual working on his personal growth or a country or alliance of countries working to right certain wrongs.

When a citizen’s conscience indicates the need for reform, he or she needs to follow it and work for improvement. As a concerned citizen, I realize how easy it would be to look the other way and ignore things. But many ideas weigh heavily on my mind, and certain movements give me tremendous hope. That’s why I’m bringing these issues to your awareness, in the hope that we can band together and create some serious reform in the fields of politics, education, and healthcare.

Political Reform: The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution are pretty clear regarding the creation of governments and their development for the purpose of ensuring the general welfare. When politicians get more concerned about their job retention than they do about serving constituents, watch out.

Educational Reform: It seems a shame that our children don’t meet up to the standards of yesteryear, nor do they meet up to the current standards of other countries. Why can’t we institute change that benefits the future prospects of our children?

Healthcare Reform: It’s obvious that the United States has long been the top leader and influencer in the world. That’s why we should not be afraid to make a change when we’re going down the wrong path! Our ability to adapt and survive is our strength, not a weakness. In fact, if we fail to act for the better interest of all concerned, we could seriously weaken our position in the world.

I hope that you will join a growing number of citizens who are prepared to enter the realm of activism, whatever that means to you, to initiate positive change. I’m going to be an excellent source of information. I can’t sugar-coat everything that needs to be changed, but I’m guessing that you wouldn’t want me to. I will be conveying much information to point out what needs to be changed and the best possible ways to achieve reform.

Water in a glass holds its shape, but it’s easy to re-form the shape of the water. Only pour it into a different container. Water doesn’t resist changing shape to suit the current situation. We can’t hope that everyone will jump on board and make changes without resistance, but we can bring certain conditions to light to educate the public and inspire change that will benefit more people.

Reforms can mean something different to everyone. However, if we believe change is possible we can then join hands and discover reliable solutions for the betterment of all.

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  • This is a powerfully written article. The continuous debate between all political parties is as diverse as a many-sided prism – everybody sees that change needs to happen, but people generally disagree about how exactly to go about making change.

    The best way to find meaningful reform is for all parties to speak out and embody the changes they would like to see. If you’d like to see the politicians be transparent, embody that characteristic yourself, and you have a more powerful platform from which to speak. If you’d like to see them honor their promises, honor promises yourself or at least acknowledge if you can’t do what you promised. That makes you a clear channel for good ideas to flow through. I believe that it also makes you less gullible.

    I’m not sure that we can solve all the world’s problems via one website – in fact I’m sure we can’t. But I know for sure that when people honestly dialogue and seek to discover new solutions, powerful change can occur.

    Thanks for creating this platform to do just that!


  • There are definitely plenty of problems in this country to solve. There seems to be a problem getting people in Congress to cooperate with each other too! Maybe that’s why there are so many problems!

  • It’s great to be politically correct and speak out and all that, but life is too short to spend it brooding about things we can’t change. Don’t get me wrong, but we can’t change everything. Maybe this won’t be popular to say, but I like to have a good time and I do reach out and help people close to me when I see they need it. Having a good time and being happy do help the world. I just can’t solve everybody’s problem. I can listen. But I don’t feel like I can ruin my life to help everybody else. So I hope that’s not what you’re asking.

  • I’ll say! Healthcare needs a truck full of reform. My mother’s in a nursing home and we’re basically dying. There should be a lot more help for poor people. I’m glad my husband and I can take care of our own needs, but it’s hard.

  • People are always going to fight and people are always going to disagree. People are always going to be poor and people are always going to be rich. It doesn’t matter what you do. We are always going to have problems, and we are always going to try to solve them, but that doesn’t mean that the same problems won’t come back over and over. And new problems will take their place anyway.

    If you want to solve problems, do it because it makes you feel good about yourself and you feel gratified to do it. I volunteer a lot and get some joy out of it, and count any improvement as a plus because I’d volunteer anyway.